Fireplaces & Mantels

Fireplaces & Mantles can be the best focal point in any room!

There isn’t anything that gives a room the warmth and coziness of a fireplace. The great thing about fireplaces & Mantles is that they can be designed in every style of decor, from Traditional to Modern and Contemporary!

These are areas that a designer can really make a big statement in a room! This is absolutely one of our favorite areas to make something really special to set off a room and make it extra fabulous!

This is a fireplace and bookcase that was taken down to the studs and built as you see it! The original area was done in all wrapped drywall and the opening for the television could not fit a television. The customer had her TV sitting on the floor in front of the open box. It was an old design and needed to be redone. It is a fabulous transformation!

We were called into this project to soften the brick on the fireplace and add a bookcase to the right side to bring balance to the wall. This was a Great Transformation!

This fireplace had been painted white and had no mantle. It is amazing what a new color and adding a mantle can do for a fireplace. It has new life!

Much better, don’t you think? We were able to copy the cabinet on the left and replicate on the right. We gave the cabinets new doors, with new concealed hinges for a cleaner look.

This fireplace was one of our designs that was created as part of a new addition on this home. Fireplaces are one of the focal points that we love to design. This is a real statement piece in this room!

This is an original fireplace that we totally transformed! Transformed picture to the right!

Here is another original fireplace that needed a major facelift. The transformation is on the right!


This fireplace was all golden oak in its original state. This was painted out to match the rest of the wood work through out the house. The stacked stone was added and marble hearth. The fireplace screen that originally had brass on it, was painted with a high heat paint. This is an Amazing Transformation!

This is a big Transformation! We took an old outdated fireplace and covered it in beautiful moldings and painted it all out! This is one of our favorite Transformations!

Nothing that a little paint and tiling can’t fix! We painted all the golden oak white, and chose a classic black tile to update the fireplace.