Garage Build

No project is too big for us..

We had the amazing opportunity to build our first garage this last summer in Blair, NE. Our client didn’t have a garage, and had been wanting to get one built. Although we had never done anything like this before, we jumped at the opportunity and got to work! Scroll down below to see our project in progress!

Day 1 consisted of digging the footings for the garage. Once they were dug, we had to get it inspected before moving forward.

The concrete had to set for about a week, and then the builders got busy building the foundation. It only took them a little over a day to get it built!

Siding was the next step. They also installed the black shingles!

We also installed the side garage door.

Once the inspection was complete, concrete was poured!

We also needed to pour the concrete for the rest of the driveway, and also for the lean-to patio!

The painters then came to paint the garage, Since the garage door itself had not come in yet, they would have to come back to do some touch ups and to paint the door itself. 













Once the garage door was installed, the painters came back to paint it  a bold black. We then installed the light fixtures which was the finishing touch! The natural wood beams against the white and black garage really brought out the farmhouse style. Our client plans to add a couple rocking chairs to her patio to enjoy her evenings outside with her dog. We were absolutely thrilled with the finishing product, and had so much fun learning along the way! We can’t wait for our next build!